Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Miyyo Azman deactivated twitter?

Okay , let start the post with a smile and peace . ok . Hi and Assalamualaikum all people ;) , so , the point is . why? why , Miyyo Azman deactivated his twitter acc? why? Ok , let's see , he's trending on malaysia  Okay . he such a lucky boy :) , btw I heared people say la kan . He deactivated because of people start bashing and kutuk-ing him sbb dia couple dgn Kak Tyah . And now , people start bashing kak tyah pulak .LOL wut wrong with you guys hah? letthem happy with their own life . korang apasal busybody sampai miyyo deactivated his acc and his facebook?

Okay , stop about the haters , now me wanna story about his fans . ok miyyo's fans is SOOOO NOT COOL yknow? omg . I mls nk printscreen . aku mls nak aibkan org . lololo *baikkan* . Ok first , they said 'Please help me trend this #PLEASECOMEBACKMIYYOAZMAN' lol . wtf , He's not artist lah bongok!! so why you do like that? He's such a boy who act like artist but he not a artist!! omg please . do you got a brain or not hah?
And for the people who don't want his name to be a trend , If you don't want HIM to be a trend then stop mentioning his name. Easy as that. why you still mentioning his name , when you don't like him? you just such as hypocrit yknow? bitch , whats wrong with twitter? what wrong with people? they got brain or not? please you all please , be matured . I dont want miyyo azman being like najua boltz . whatever they do , ikut hati diorang lah . asalkan diorang gembira . LOL . 

And i bukan menyebelahi pihak sape2 , just give you all an adviced . kalau nak dgr , ok . if korang tak setuju . close ur eyes . close ur tab . And kutuk-ing me pulak . LOLwut idontcare about it . whatever they do , whatever they eat . who we are wanna judge them? And i know miyyo azman ni twitterfamous, many qurl get crazy about him because of 'Kehandsome-annya' LOL . but not me . Sorry for sape sape yang terase dgn post ni . maybe tak disengajakan k . So , ok this is the end of post :) Assalamualaikum w.b.t :)

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